G13 Railway Operations Model - What ROM Does

It Asks:

  • What and how much cargo is to be transported;
  • What type of train is to be provided;
  • Which route is to be taken; and
  • Am I an operator, track authority, integrated railway or a hybrid of these?

It Computes:

  • The amount of rolling stock, fuel and crews required;
  • Track utilisation in terms of haulage and capacity used;
  • Above-rail and below-rail cost; and
  • Freight and track access revenues.

It Produces:

  • Tables of physical inputs and outputs;
  • Maps showing track utilisation, cost, and revenue by segments;
  • Statements of capital, earnings and cash flow; and
  • Facility to export data and results for bespoke analysis.

It Improves:

  • Negotiation and investment evaluation;
  • Annual and medium term business plans;
  • Comparison between railway operational and infrastructure options; and
  • Comparison with alternative transport modes.